Who is Lunar Giant?

Lunar Giant is an independent game company located in Mokena, Illinois (outside Chicago). We make games with a quirky retro flair like Delve Deeper and Mega Ran: The Game. We also run the coworking/hackerspace SpaceLab 1, and are deeply involved in the games community in Chicago.


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L.A. Noire is was the magnum opus of Team Bondi, who built a sprawling mid-40′s Los Angeles as the setting for their technologically dazzling and impressively acted period piece. With their dedication to detail, their obvious love of the time period, and extensive references–even a name–highlighting the Film Noir style they want to evoke, I… Read more »


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I have not posted here in a while, but I’ve been busy developing ideas for our next big game. One of the concepts I like the best for our next game is this Film Noir styled game set in the 1930s that I worked up.  After working on it for a bit I can say… Read more »


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Howzit hanging and splanging Lunar Giant friends, So. Lunar Giant is changing. Yes, we are a games company, but we are spreading our LG wings and branching out into some new territory. The obvious thing for me to say is that it’s exciting, interesting, and really really cool – because that’s my job. But I… Read more »


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Hey dwarf wonks and aspiring blacksmiths and blackbelts, Lunar Giant is back. We have a bunch of exciting news. Let’s get to the most immediate announcement: Delve Deeper, your favorite treasure-collecting, monster-slaughtering, beard-beating game is launching on the Humble Store at a hefty 75 percent discount. Using our space calculators, that tells us you can… Read more »


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The tools to create and distribute games these days are free or practically free, cheap, and widely available. Just about anybody with an inexpensive laptop can put their game idea into the world. The amount of games developed by small teams further proliferates because of this, and so do their sales. As with all industries… Read more »